Can you insure a car for just 6 months?

So 6 months is all you need car insurance for. You could waste a lot of time trying to find a six month policy; we're not saying they don't exist but unlike in the USA where they are more common (but still not necessarily much cheaper) in the UK they can be even dearer than some yearly policies because of the old law of supply and demand. However you have some options: (1) buy month to month car insurance, or (2) buy a 12 month policy through a decent price comparison engine that gives you the latest special offers. If you get a decent discount it could well prove the cheapest option and many insurers will give you a much better price in the first year for switching to them. It often goes up substantially in subsequent years but you're unlikely to too bothered about that and if you still need cover you could always switch to another provider again. You could always cancel it after six months and you may get a partial refund but you'll have to read each insurer's small print very carefully.

Month to Month Car Insurance

This is a simple one; you get a quote for monthly insurance, which is fixed for the next eight months. You pay for the first month, and unless you cancel the policy within a certain time it is automatically renewed for another month. You can keep this going for anything up to eight months if you wish, after which the policy lapses automatically. You need to look at the cost of this carefully though, it is priced as a temporary policy and although it can be an economical proposition if you only need cover for a fairly short time you may find that it would have been cheaper to take out a conventional 12 month policy in the first place if you let it run for a long while.

Buy a 12 Months Policy And Cancel It.

Most insurance companies allow you to cancel a 12 month policy and they will refund you a proportion of the premium, less an administration fee, provided that you have not made a claim against the policy. Many of them will also allow you to pay monthly, subject to acceptance, as well. However, if you do pay monthly you enter into a contract to make the full 12 months' payments so you cannot just stop your payments when it suits you because the insurance company can, and probably will, chase you for the balance. So, even though you have made all the payments up to date and no longer need the cover you would still owe them money. To make things more complicated different insurers charge different cancellation fees too, so finding out what your cheapest option is will involve you in a bit of work. However if you use the right price comparison engine you can find out which policy is the cheapest to start with, and there is always a link to each insurer so that you can check on these charges.


So; you may find your best option for your six months cover will be to get a quote for a month to month policy, and then compare annual prices, monthly prices and cancellation charges. This may sound like a lot of trouble but it shouldn't take you more than an hour or so and perhaps you could save a lot of money.

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